Planning my own wedding

© Anneke Veronica Photography

Wauw, I can’t believe I’m getting married tomorrow! In december 2015 my the love of my life Jesse asked me to marry him and now the past months we’ve been very busy organising our dream wedding. In the past weeks people have asked us is we’re nervous and actually we haven’t been very nervous because we are quite busy. The nerves will probably kick in today or tomorrow ;). Another question asked regularly is: who will be your photographer?! and because of the interest I’ve decided to share some of our experiences organising our wedding.

We have organised a big part of the wedding ourselves but couldn’t do it / have done it without a fantastic team supporting us!

Well, at first we got a lot of our inspiration from Pinterest where we created a moodboard to decide on a theme. As a wedding photographer I actually get inspired when I’m photographing weddings. Also we visited Love & Marriage in Rotterdam where we met our jewellery store and our amazing wedding coordinator and stylist.

Let me introduce our professional wedding coordinator and stylist first: Eveline from Wedding Eve. She is so supportive and has a special way of turning your vision into a concrete plan. We are so happy that she’ll be with us tomorrow!


Foto credit: Moniek van Gils, Styling: Wedding Eve

Joeke Verhoeven Floral Design
will be creating my bridal bouquet and will do her part in the styling of the location. Joeke’s work is truly fantastic, she’s extremely creative and has an eye for detail. Also she’s really flexible and that’s nice when you want to change things last minute!

Foto credit: Marieke Lodder

Oké, so now the answer to the question the most people are curious about: our photographer! Our wedding photographer is Moniek van Gils, she was one of my teachers when I was studying photography at the Beeldcentrum. Moniek is a great person and a awesome photographer! Her photos are always nice and light and her style is a great match for us.

Foto credit: Moniek van Gils Photography

My vintage style dress is hand made by Ela Siromascenko from Milan. The dress is hanging on a cute Ter Attentie hanger, I love little details like these :). To finish my look I’ll be wearing jewellery designed by Harry Hutjens Edelsmedereij, the perfume Miss Dior and (I almost can’t believe it!!) a gorgeous pair of Jimmy Choo’s! My make-up will be done by Sheila from Funky Hair.

© Anneke Veronica Photography

Well, so thats my look.. Jesse will be wearing a suit by Suit Up but I don’t know how he will be looking tomorrow, so thats pretty exciting!!

Our rings are custom made by Ed Nobel, this was a pleasant proces. We can’t wait to wear our rings and wauw, it was so amazing to be there when our own gold was being melted to create our new rings!

The catering will be organised by Rode Rozen & Tortillas and the wedding cake by Zoet Goed Taarten so the food is going to be really good! Peter Heyt Music Entertainment will take our party to the next level in the evening!

When planning a wedding you have to think of a lot of things, especially when you’re organising it in your own garden! We are so happy with our friend Petra from Café the Zak who has helped us turn our garden into a bar 😉 and our lovely family and friends who have been so supportive!

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