About Me

fotograaf zeeland

I’m in love with all the beauty in life, especially the small details that make the world an extraordinary place. I am passionate about photography, specifically as a wedding photographer, creating exceptional photographs and always aim to achieve perfect balance and harmony in my work. Photography makes me a happy person and I am always very pleased when my photographs make other people happy.

The memories of photographs can take you back to that moment and offer comfort in times of change. It is very important to me as a photographer that you feel the freedom to be yourself. That’s why I like to get to know my customers, to be able to create unique photographs. I work in a patient, calm and structured way and love to work with natural light.

Photos have always been very important to me because our family used to travel a lot and the photos helped keep memories alive. That’s why I am so committed to capturing memories for others. I love to travel, there are so many beautiful countries and cultures out there.

From 2008 to 2012 I studied Communications at the HZ University of Applied Sciences where I obtained my Bachelor’s degree. I use this background in Communications in my photography because using images might be the most powerful way to share a story.

After working in the Communications field for a couple of years I started to study photography at the Beeldcentrum in Zundert, The Netherlands. I’m always looking to gain knowledge and improve technique so will always invest in this.

I now work as a wedding and lifestyle photographer, I also teach classes at the Beeldcentrum in Zundert and offer photography workshops.

Wedding photographer

As a wedding photographer I am always very excited to capture this special day. Being a fan of love stories, I get very excited to capture the love between two people. On their wedding day but also during an engagement session. Family has also always been very  important to me that is why I also really enjoy doing family shoots.


  • Portrait Berlin

    ...a few days ago I walked through the Friedelstraße and it reminds me for a cool Weekend full of good Pictures, delicious Pizza and mulled Wine last Year in the wintry Berlin. We started our Trip with a good Breakfast and walked after that around the typical Streets and nice Parks in Kreuzberg and Neukölln. Anneke was wonderful, because she gave me a safety feeling and her view was very professional and artistic. The Result: A aesthetic series of pictures who are proper for my type.
    Thank you for the nice Weekend and: Any time again!

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